Adding a Ministry Account

Adding Ministry Accounts 

Getting Connected

  • If you do not already have and MPDX login, you will need to Create an Account
  • If you have been using TntConnect, then you should already have an MPDX ministry account. 
  • If your ministry organization is not listed, email and ask them to add MPDX Profile for your ministry to use in MPDX. 

Adding a Ministry Requirements

  • Name of the MPDX Profile, i.e., UH Fellowship Dinner (18 character maximum).
  • Staff name and Staff number of the person requesting the access to the profile (your info).
  • Ministry Designation number(s) to add to the profile (the account number).

Accessing an Added Ministry in MPDX

Once the ministry organization is added to MPDX you can:

  • Click the drop-down box, at the top right of MPDX, next to the Settings button.
  • You can toggle between your personal account and ministry accounts via the drop-down box
  • You can share your MPDX account by managing your account access.

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