MPDX Quick Reference Guide: Settings


Click the Settings button (gear icon) to view or edit: Preferences, Notifications, Connect Services, Manage Accounts, and Manage Coaches.


  • The top section is your MPDX Personal Preferences.
  • Language and Locale will affect things like phone numbers, postal codes, and currency. Click the dropdown arrow to expand, select an option, and Save.
  • Default Account should be your primary organization staff account.
  • Make sure the Timezone is set to where you live.
  • Time to Send Notifications allows you to choose your timing preference from the dropdown menu.

Account Preferences 

  • The Account Name can be modified to something simpler (i.e. "John Doe" instead of Staff Account 0005550000).
  • The Monthly Goal should be set to what your organization has recommended.
  • Your Home Country should be set to where you live.
  • Your Default Currency is critical to accurate donation amounts, totals, and reports.
  • You can opt in and choose to be an Early Adopter to be the first to try new trial features in MPDX.
  • The MPD Info should be set to match the MPD goals and time frame that your organization has recommended. 


  • Under Notifications you can choose where MPDX will notify you: In App, Email or as a Task. Scroll to see all of the Notification types and options. For example, in the Email column, click the box to the side of the notification type to receive an email notification.
  • Scroll down and click "Save." 
  • You can change your notification settings at any time.

Connect Services

  • See your Email Login from the Connect Services menu
  • Make sure to set your Organization to the correct ministry.

External Services

Connect Google to MPDX, (i.e. an or email account) to track MPDX activity on the go.

Connect MailChimp, PrayerLetters or ChalkLine to populate emails lists from your MPDX Contacts.

Note: MPDX will redirect you to your MailChimp, PrayerLetters or ChalkLine login screen.Note: A green dot means the sync is set up and working

Manage Accounts 

  • Manage Account Access – add an email address to grant access to your MPDX account (use wisely).
  • Merge Your Accounts – to merge multiple personal ministry accounts into one.
  • Merge Spouse Accounts – if separate, add your spouse’s personal ministry account to yours.

Manage Coaches

  • Manage Coaches – add an email address to grant coaching access to your MPDX account. This allows an MPD coach, staff, or supervisor to see your MPD progress WITHOUT seeing any personally identifiable information of your contacts.