Welcome to the Dashboard

Welcome to the Dashboard 

Monthly Goal Thermometer

The thermometer is designed to make it easier to measure your personal MPD “health” and see the key percentages and amounts are now discretely displayed below the thermometer graphic.  There are 4 key metrics:

  • Goal: The monthly MPD goal entered in your MPDX Settings
  • Gifts Started: How much money in gifts have come in during the current month and what percentage that amount is relative to your goal
  • Commitments: How much money in gift commitments you have for the current month and what percentage that amount is relative to your goal
  • Below Goal: The gap between your monthly commitments and your monthly MPD goal

There is also a link to access a list of partners with “Gifts Not Started” so you know who needs to be reminded to send in that first gift.

*NOTE: When viewing the full list of Gifts Not Started, you can click a contact's name to go to their contact page and edit information. Changes must be done manually by visiting the Details tab, under the Financial section. The Commitment Received drop-down is a freely editable field. The system does NOT change it automatically when a contact begins a gift, or stops a gift. The MPDX user must mark the commitment received "Yes" or commitment received "No." 

Account Balance

The account balance for your staff account can now be viewed within the Dashboard next to the Monthly Goal. It used to be in the Navigation Bar next to Settings and “hidden” in the Reports section of MPDX. 

Now, you can click the “View Gifts” link to view all of the financial gifts you’ve received in the current month (or scroll to see additional with the ability to view previous month’s donations as well).

Monthly Activity Graph

This is the same graph that was previously available. It shows your monthly giving over the last 13 months. There are 3 lines that show your  MPD Goal (blue), Average Monthly Giving (gray), Committed Giving (gold).

To Do This Week 

The section below the Monthly Activity Graph has a lot of similar elements to the Connect/Commitments/Care section on the old dashboard. There are several key changes highlighted below:

Partner Care - Prayer Requests

Tasks are now broken into 2 lists. All Prayer Request tasks will be listed under Partner Care, and are separate from all other types of tasks. You’ll also notice that the new dashboard only displays 2-3 tasks at a time with the contact’s name first, followed by the task description. At the bottom of the task lists on the dashboard is a view all link which when clicked will take you to a full list of your tasks. Clicking on either the contact name or task description will bring up the edit task modal shown below. This modal allows you to update key task information, including due dates and notification details. 

There is also a circle to the right of each task that when clicked brings up the finish task modal and allows you to add completion details and/or simply mark the task finished.

Partner Care - Celebrations

Along with the prayer request task list, there is a list of celebrations, which includes upcoming birthdays and anniversaries for your contacts.  The birthdays will be denoted with a birthday cake icon and the anniversaries with an interlocking ring icon.  

  • If you click on the contact name or celebration date, MPDX will take you to that partner’s contact page.  
  • If you click on the icons, MPDX will create an ADD TASK (that you can update) to wish the contact a happy birthday or anniversary.

Tasks Due This Week

This list includes all tasks except for prayer request tasks. It will display the 3 most “pressing” tasks in your list (that is, they are overdue or due to be done today).  As you mark these tasks finished, the list will refresh to include more tasks from your overall task list (if more than 3 exist).

Late Commitments

This list shows all partners who are late with their giving. It displays 3 late partners on the dashboard with a link to see all late partners (if more than 3 exist).

Newsletter drop down list

The date of when you sent your last newsletter is displayed right under the Newsletter drop down list.

This drop down list provides 3 Options related to sending out a newsletter:

  • Option 1: Log Newsletter will log the date and subject of your latest newsletter.  
  • Option 2: Export Email will export the email addresses of all contacts who are on your email newsletter list.  
  • Option 3: Export Physical will export the data for sending a physical newsletter. 


This section lists two types of referrals: 

  • Recent: This list includes all referrals entered into MPDX in the last 2 weeks.
  • On-Hand: This list includes the total number of referrals in MPDX with the status: Never Contacted, Ask in Future, Cultivate Relationship, and Contact for Appointment


This section will display the appeal marked Primary (the appeal in your appeal list with the star icon checked). The thermometer shows:

  • Gifts Received: How much money in gifts that have been associated with this appeal and what percentage that amount is relative to your goal
  • Commitments: How much money in commitments that have been associated with this appeal and what percentage that amount is relative to your goal

Weekly Activity

This section displays the amount of phone calls, electronic messages, appointments and correspondence you completed for the current week. These numbers update when you Log or Add Tasks within MPDX. 

  • Calls: The total number of Call tasks logged.
  • Messages: The total number of Email, Text Message, Facebook Message tasks logged.
  • Appt Produced: This number changes when a Call or Message task is logged with an “Next Action” - Appointment task. 
  • Appointments: The total number of Appointment tasks logged. 
  • Correspondence: The total number of Pre Call, Reminder, Support Letter, and Thank tasks completed.

There is also a View Activity Details link that, when clicked, takes you to the Coaching Report that your coach or team leader can view for you (if you have set up a coaching relationship with either of those staff members).

The Fill Out Weekly Report link will, when clicked, cause a box with a series of questions to pop up. 

*If you do not see questions or get an error message like the one below - it means that your MPDX Account is not associated with an organization that has provided questions. If you believe this message is in error contact the help desk at support@mpdx.org.