Sending a Group Message thru MPDX Mobile

Sending a Group Message via Email or Text on MPDX Mobile

Step 1: Go to the Tasks section within your MPDX Mobile App and click “new Task” to create an Email or Text Message task.

For the new task:

  • Give it a Task Subject of “Group Message,” Action Type” of Email or Text Message, and set a Due Date.
  • Choose Add Contact and select from your contact list those you want to add to the group message. Click “Choose Contacts.”


  • Once you have added all the details to your task, click “Add” in the top right corner.

Step Two: Go to the created Task in MPDX

  • Choose and go to the Group Message Task you created. Click: “Email” or “Text Message” (depending on the type of Task).

  • Select the correct email address, or phone number you would like to use for each person receiving the group message. 
    • The maximum number of contacts able to be included in a group message depends on the phone carrier and can be anywhere from 10 to 100+. For group emails through Gmail, the maximum number of recipients is 2000.
    • Please note that if a contact does not have contact information entered into MPDX, their information will not be listed here and they will therefore not receive a group message.


  • Leave MPDX to type the group message and send it


  • Once sent, MPDX will prompt you to log the task


  • You can click Add Info to save a “Comment,” or note about the task for your logged task history.
  • Once you select, “Add Info,” scroll down to “Comments”  to leave a comment about the task you are logging. Once your text is entered, click “done,” then “add” to finish logging the task.